RCRA Nonexempt Oil & Gas Wastes


Unused fracturing fluids or acids
Gas plant cooling tower
Painting wastes
Waste solvents
Oil and gas service company wastes, such as empty drums, drum rinsate, vacuum truck rinsate, sandblast media, painting wastes, spent solvents, spilled chemicals, and waste acids
Vacuum truck and drum rinsate from trucks and drums transporting or containing nonexempt waste
Refinery wastes
Liquid and solid wastes generated by crude oil and tank bottom reclaimers
Used equipment lubrication oils
Waste compressor oil, filters, and blowdown
Used hydraulic fluids
Waste in transportation pipeline related pits
Caustic or acid cleaners
Boiler cleaning wastes
Boiler refractory bricks
Boiler scrubber fluids, sludges, and ash
Incinerator ash
Laboratory wastes
Sanitary wastes
Pesticide wastes
Radioactive tracer wastes
Drums, insulation, and miscellaneous solids