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Does your client's mortgage lender require a water test?  Are you getting a FHA or VA loan?  Are you located near Marcellus Shale drilling?

Are buyer's asking for a comprehensive water test in areas near gas drilling?  Visit our dedicated Baseline Testing Page or contact us now.

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FHA / VA Sample Kit 
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We can also customize testing to suit your needs!
HUD Guidance on Water Testing
  • Private wells no longer require automatic testing or inspection for a HUD Loan, except:
    • If mandated by state or local jurisdiction
    • If there is knowledge that well water may be contaminated
    • When the water supply relies upon a water purification system due to presence of contaminants
    • When the water has an unusual taste, smell or appearance
    • When there is evidence of corrosion of pipes /plumbing
    • If any of the following is present within 1/4 mile: 
      • Intensive agricultural operations
      • Coal mining or gas drilling operations
      • Dump, junkyard, landfill, factory, gas station or dry cleaning operations 
  • The lender has the option to require testing.
  • Drilled wells
  • As a general rule, cisterns are unacceptable.
  • dug well is acceptable if:
    • It is permitted by state and local jurisdiction
    • Provides water that is acceptable in quality and quantity
    • Is not adverse for the property's marketability; and
    • A survey conducted by an engineer was delivered to the lender and given to the appraiser. The engineer’s survey must include:
      • A health report with no qualifications
      • Indication that an inoperative well was cased, sealed and capped with concrete to a depth of at least 20 feet
      • A pump test indicating flow of at least at least 3-5 gallons per minute supply for an existing well, and 5 gallons per minute for a new well
      • No indication of exposure to environmental contamination, mechanical chlorination, or anything else that adversely affects health and safety
Radon Gas Testing
  • In the basements of many homes, radon gases can linger, build up and be a health hazard
  • Because of the health risk created, radon testing is standard practice before closing. 
  • Princeton Analytical can connect you with experts in the field of air sampling.  Contact us.